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Workouts 9/23 9/25

After a tough 17 miler on Sunday my body was pretty beat up. I came into Tuesday with sore shins and heavy legs. The workout for the day was: 
2 mile

This was not gonna be fun…

I decided to play it real conservative for the 2 mile. The course we were running on had some long grass hills and steep downhills that zapped the life out of the legs. I figured taking it a bit easy would benefit me when the workout really got going. So I went out real easy. Didn’t look at my watch too much and just gave it a glance at the mile, 5:14. I was 5 seconds behind three of our guys and I thought I was just gonna get dropped. But I maintained and even ran a bit quicker up the hills. I made up the gap and came through in 10:26. Negative split. I felt solid, a nice warm-up. 

The next one was much faster. I went out hard and decided to really push the workout for the remainder of it. It was a bold strategy. I charged up the hill and cruised on the downhill. *Beep* Mile was 5:00. I moved up the last hill and crossed the 2K in 6:14. 

That one took a lot out of me. Running solo was rough and I had to motivate myself through the mile to try and be faster than I was on the 2K. I was barely under 5 for the mile for the first mile. It was faster but it felt like I was working harder to get it. 

The final mile was a death march. Teammate made a move on me on the uphill and I tried to stay in contact. He was looking strong and he dragged me through the remainder of the mile. I pushed the final 400 to hopefully come through somewhere near my last mile. Turns out I ran faster. Much faster. 4:51. 

I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the 400’s. My hamstring and my tendons were wrecked from the downhill and I didn’t know how much my legs could take. With only one minute rest I had some doubt that I was gonna put together anything solid. 

Boy was I wrong. It felt like a nice stride for each of the 4’s. Each repeat got faster and faster. 

66, 64, 63. 62. 

I just want to see what I can do when I’m fresh. 

Today’s run was just a cutdown run. He wanted us to out for 25 minutes and come back quicker if we wanted to go. 
Ran 3.91 in 25 minutes. Went out pretty slow and brought it down to 6:10 pace on the way out. The way back got progressively faster. It started to get tough because I was on my own. Legs were not completely recovered but I continued to cruise. The last mile was brought in quickly. It was a good run. Came back in 21:50. 
5:47, 5:40, 5:36, 5:15 (Pace through .91)

We have a small homecoming 5k this Saturday. I’ll have a lot of fun with it. Then All-Ohio the following weekend for my first test. Let’s see what happens.Just gotta keep going. 

thegraveyardruns said: why do you run your long runs so fast ?

I take the long run as my third workout of the week. It helps me work on my aerobic capacity and generally helps me feel stronger during longer workouts. I like running and feeling fast. 

Cris’ Life Update September 22, 2014

So here we go. I haven’t really been posting at all over the past month because life has taken over. I currently have a job, running cross country, and taking grad school classes. I literally go from work to practice to doing homework; definitely a very busy and productive life. 

I love my new job though. I can actually say, “Hi I’m Cris and I get paid to sell beer.” Well kind of. I work  for the only appliance store in the country that has a liquor license. Only in Ohio I guess. I am in charge of their craft beer section and in the past two weeks have added almost 20 new beers to our selection. I get to talk to beer distributors, go to beer tastings, and talk to customers about beer and best of all I get paid for it. I have a great time with it. I help with social media as well. Our beer instagram is up to 114 followers and I’m barely at 3 weeks. It’s a dream job for sure. I’m making tons of connections in the beer industry and I’m loving it. 

It’s starting to make me rethink my career choices. Currently going to school for criminal justice but I’m trying to make contacts so that I can work in the craft beer industry. To me that sounds so much better. I feel like I’d enjoy that much more. Who knows what will happen. I’ll at least have something to fall back on. 

Running is going amazing as I mentioned before. Love my new team. Full of characters and I really enjoy running with them. I miss my old group but I’m very happy and blessed to be running with such a great group of people. 

Love life is pretty non-existent. It doesn’t bug me too much. I’m a very busy guy. I think I just need to start going out and meeting ladies my age. I’m not gonna worry too much about it. 

I may be going home right before christmas and hopefully for mt sac relays if I do well enough. 

For now, I’m doing well and I love my life. 

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The Strokes - Welcome To Japan (Layered)

Listen with headphones!  Left ear comes before right ear.