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Sorry for not posting.

Grad school, work, and my job have taken over my life. 
I’ll post a full update tomorrow to tell ya’ll how I’m doing. 
My life is going amazing by the way.

Best workout week of my life 9/15-9/21 

Ran 26:22 at our opener last weekend on my birthday. We went out real easy on a hilly course and it was a very tactical race. Went out in 5:14 for the mile, 10:40ish for the 2 mile, and 16:03 for the 3 mile. Then we all made our moves. I finished with a 10:19 two mile. I didn’t feel all that light, I was on pace for a 80 mile week without it being a race week. 

I started the sunday before with a 16 miler and a goal to hit as close to 80 miles as I could. In the highest mileage week of my life I dropped the best week of workouts ever.



This workout was on a hilly grass course. I went out pretty hard on the second one and tried to make it through the rest of the workout. I had heartburn through and dead legs from the high mileage and race from the couple days before. Last 8k added up to 25:10. 

Hard mile, mile tempo, hard mile, mile tempo, hard 800, mile tempo, hard 800

This workout was nuts. I felt really strong throughout the workout and surprisingly only felt bad on the tempos. I was pretty even throughout and my form was on point. I didn’t feel tired after the workout. 

Today I ran 17 miles. 16 in 1:38:37 about 6:09 per mile Watch messed up but I was able to see how fast we were going. 

I can’t believe that I’m able to pull this off with how much I’m running. I’ll drop 85 this week. We’ll see what I can pull off this season. 

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Anonymous: Are you excited to start your first day of your Master's Program?

Yeah I am. I am going online though. I may have just gotten a job working with craft beer. It’s gonna be hectic.