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Anonymous: Are you excited to start your first day of your Master's Program?

Yeah I am. I am going online though. I may have just gotten a job working with craft beer. It’s gonna be hectic.

REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.
Midnight Tempo Day 1

Last night was definitely interesting. We weren’t allowed to meet with the coach until midnight so our first workout would start then. 4 mile tempo was set for me. The plan was to go out conservatively and test the waters. 5:40 opening mile and drop down to something a little more brisk. I was just going to take it mile by mile.

I came out to the workout in my middle school gym class 6 minute mile club shirt and a bright red and white 2000 croatian handball hat. I was gonna make this fun.  

We did our warm-up to the track. I accidentally left my flats at the indoor facility so I had to go back and get it. I ended up running a 5:50 mile to catch up. Nice warm-up for the night. 

We arrived to the outdoor track with the track dimly lit by tiki torches. It looked awesome. My vision is still not completely fixed so it was very hard to see. I really couldn’t see more than a couple feet in front of me. This was gonna be interesting. 

We hit the track and we went out conservatively. I think we went through the quarter in 1:2high. We ended up picking up the pace quickly. Top returner ends up bolting after lap one or two. I didn’t go with him. I was gonna go with the plan. We passed through the mile in 5:40. Real easy. After that we took the pace down and started consistently hitting 80’s. Two other guys took off on me. I just focused on the pace. I would be picking it up the next mile anyways. We weren’t even half way done. 

Went through the next mile in 5:20 and the fun part began. 

As soon as that I hit that split I took off on my own. I began passing and lapping people but because I couldn’t see I didn’t know who was who. I thought I was making up ground but I wasn’t sure. Next mile came by and it was a 5:11. Just four more laps to go. I just kept moving. My stride was smooth and I was feeling amazing out there. I didn’t feel like I was working too hard. I felt like I was on that nice threshold area. I passed through in 21:20. 5:09 last mile. Not too shabby. I ended up being the first one across the line and was able to get my breathing under control quickly. 

I think I could’ve dropped another 5:10 at the end of that. A 26:30 8k equivalent for my first tempo? Definitely a good sign. It’s a long season and I really hit my stride at the end. I’m definitely excited. 

Loving this new team. A bunch of characters and hard workers. I’m ready for a fun one. I think we can have a nice pack up front. Will be nice working with these gents.