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Finally got a chance to put my Tiffin sticker and SAE license plate on my car. Also hit my first 100 miles!


This was fucking smooth

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TMI Tuesday

Haven’t had this in forever.

AFI - Ever and a Day


Three tears I’ve saved for you

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12 mile long run with progression over the last 4 miles 

1:11:45 5:59 pace 


I was both nervous and excited coming into today’s run. I haven’t done a run over 10 miles in quite a while. I spent most of the day wondering where this run was going to take place. I could start from home and run an out and back but I decided against it. Drove out to Claremont and decided to try my luck on a run that I tried with some of the Pomona Pitzer guys. 

I knew this run was going to be fast as soon as I started. I started at 6:20 pace and it felt like I was just going for a warm up. As I made my 3.5 mile march up Padua. My pace began to suffer a bit but I knew I was giving about the same effort. As much as I wanted to crush the uphill and cease my suffering I knew that I had to control myself. The last four miles would be my time to let loose. 

As I finally took the turn at Mt. Baldy my pace began to drop quickly. I was flying downhill without putting much of an effort. I was knocking on the door of sub 6 pace but I held myself back for a mile knowing that as soon as I hit a sub 6 there would be no turning back. I wouldn’t let myself go back. 

Sure enough the next mile came and it was on. Still holding back a bit I went through in sub 6 for the next two miles. I decided to make a slight push for home with 5 to go. We were now sub 5:50. It was time to start the workout. I traveled on a slight incline for the next half mile trying to keep myself under 5:40. 5:36. 

3 to go. I decided to make it interesting and push a bit more. I have two rest days anyway. I arrived on the Pomona Pitzer track with 1.5 miles to go and knocked a final 1.5 at 5:14 pace. 

I felt controlled finally. My legs felt light and I didn’t find myself struggling. I will make my return at Oxy. Time to make up for that crap of a 5k that I ran at the PP Invite. 

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Lori Beth Denberg was the comedic genius of my childhood.

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“Your flaws aren’t flaws to me.”

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White Rabbits - Percussion Gun


White Rabbits -“Percussion gun”


Driving a new car is kind of like trying contacts for the first time. Exciting, frustrating as hell, but awesome when you get the hang of it. I love this thing. Thank you mom and dad for the new car. I can’t wait to take this out to Ohio. #dodgedart


Nice little 8 miler tonight. 

50:28 6:18 pace 


I finally felt like I was flying. I controlled myself tonight. I’ll put it down tomorrow. This is going to be a great week of training. 

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