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Don’t trust Ted. 


My shins definitely hate me right now. Legs gave out a bit at times because of the little sharp pain but I trucked through. Run wasn’t too special. I just wanted to get back. 

7 miles: 43:15 (6:11 pace)

Time to do this whole running thing again.

Here goes it.

No matter how many followers I gain on this thing

I will never do one of those stupid promo reblog things. 
I blog for me. Meeting people is the cherry on the top. Lucky enough to have met some cool people on here but honestly whether it was blogspot or tumblr I do this as a way to reflect on my running and see cool stuff. 
Just my thoughts.

Artist: Bear Hands


Giants - Bear Hands

You say darling am I a chore?
I said I know you love me, I am loving you more

Cain just took the 3k.

She needs to work on her tactics though. A bit sloppy but I guess when you’re the best in the field you can get away with it. Way to go.

theoriginaltrackie: If im confused this may sound like a dumb question but do you make your own spikes? How?

Well I was pissed that I couldn’t get any of the promo spikes that Wisco/Oregon gets. I loved my pair of Streak 2’s and hated my Matumbos so I decided to make something. I also saw lagat run in matumbo flats so I wanted to make a track flat. 
My streaks were already worn down so it wasn’t a big deal.

I will do this again someday. Gonna rework on the tumbo flats. 
Also if any of you guys come across streak 1 or 2’s or forever 2’s pick em up. They are the best.




"In an approximately 200 million bbl US beer market, you can fit a lot of 800 bbl/year breweries. What if there were 5,000 breweries like that in the country? 10,000? Just for fun…

10,000 breweries

x 800 bbls/yr/brewery

= 8 million bbls/yr

or about 4% of the current US beer market

Now I’m not saying that we will reach 5,000 or 10,000 breweries. Rather, I’m pointing out (once again) that with so many small breweries, analysts should focus much less on the number of breweries and more on other factors”

Hmmm… are those 800bbl a year breweries actually profitable/sustainable? Or are they struggling to continually expand like everyone else? Without all these bright and sunny forecasts of never-ending growth and promise of riches would we still see thousands of people rushing to open up a break-even passion project “craft” brewery?

Interesting read.

I think the days of the big national beer brands is waning (and really has been for some time), and we’re on pace to return to the pre-Prohibition realm of many small local producers. And then the tides will change, and consolidation will happen again. One big never ending cycle.

I imagine what will happen is that it will become more challenging to have an immensely successful brewery, and we’ll have the same thing we do in every other industry, with small startups popping up and closing down.

But the overall industry isn’t going anywhere. That’s my take.

Poignant arguments. If anyone is looking to open a brewery to become the next Stone, don’t. It’s not likely to happen (anytime soon). If you concentrate on brewing good beer, you could go far with a local market. If you want to become reputable, you need to be creative and talented enough to brew something different.

You need to stand out if you ever want to make a name for yourself. On top of needing excellent recipes, you gotta pay attention to your market, the overall market, marketing your product, trends, quality of ingredients, consistency, branding and bottle art… there’s a lot that goes into making a good beer. There’s a reason why people travel across the country and wait 5+ hours in a line to taste Pliny the Younger or brave riotous crowds on what was Hunahpu's Day.


Definitely agree with above ^. I think that is much of the reason the whole sour movement is getting pretty big. You gotta be willing to experiment with your beers now. That can be incredibly expensive and time consuming. Much of the reason why it’s so hard to get your hands on some of these. JK, Sideproject, Rare Barrel, Cellarmaker, you can’t get them unless you live around there/trade. I had to trade 5 RR beers for my Fuzzy. These beers are amazing but I don’t see it expanding to be like stone. The bottles themselves are just so expensive too.